S.Africa: Corruption: Health Minister awards a contract in return for financial kick-back


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Former health minister Zweli Mkhize directly influenced the South African Department of Health’s decision to award a R150-million contract to Digital Vibes. He and his family financially benefited from the deal, the Special Investigating Unit’s long-awaited report into the matter has found. President Cyril Ramaphosa authorised the release of the report on September 28, 2021.

Contracts between the Department of Health and service provider Digital Vibes prompted an investigation over the firm’s connection to Mkhize and his family. Mkhize was placed on special leave by President Cyril Ramaphosa as a result. The Special Investigating Unit’s investigation looked into the awarding of a National Health Insurance media campaign and subsequent Covid-19 communications contracts to Digital Vibes.

Scorpio, the investigative arm of South African publisher Daily Maverick, published a report saying that "following months of investigation", U.S.$45,000 from the department of health’s allegedly corrupt communications service provider Digital Vibes contract was used to pay, among others, for a nail bar franchise owned by Sthoko Mkhize, who is married to the former minister’s son

Source: https://allafrica.com/view/group/main/main/id/00079701.html

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