COVID, Vaccines & depopulation revisited: How to kill billions of people… – My Boer Dentist


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Today I went to the dentist for the first time in a long time to get a checkup. It actually turned out to be the most fun visit to the dentist I’ve ever had! Can you believe that a dentist visit can be described as FUN!!!!

My dentist is a Boer, and I’ve been going to him for 26 years at least – very possibly even longer – maybe closer to 30 years.

In the interim, he had COVID in December 2020. So most of the time, he and I and the young dental nurse were talking intensely about COVID. There was very little time for worrying about my teeth! So it was quite a session between talking and working on my teeth! We were so intensely engaged in discussions about COVID, Vaccines and all COVID related junk.

I was delighted to see that his young dental nurse was getting very worked up on various aspects of COVID. For example, the topic she raised was why are they going to vaccinate CHILDREN in South Africa? And I pointed out that Professors had said in 2020 that children have excellent immune systems and they must NOT even engage in lockdown.

But then she raised an issue that’s slipped my mind in recent weeks… STERILIZATION!!!!!

I had forgotten that these freaking vaccines can sterilize you. That is a very real danger. And in my view this could be the GREATEST DANGER of COVID.

But even so I must tell you, for the first time ever, I heard stories of people dying after the COVID Vaccine. When I was on Dennis Fetcho’s show recently, he asked if people in South Africa were dropping dead from the vaccine? I said no. I told him that there was no discussion about this.

Though … a friend of mine’s brother died just a few weeks ago from exactly that. He got the COVID vaccine and then a while after it he got COVID … and he was in hospital for 3 weeks and died. His memorial service will be next week in fact.

My Dentist then told me that he personally knows 2 people who died after being vaccinated. One was a 70 year old who still asked him if he should be vaccinated. My Dentist told him he did not think it was a good idea. The 70 year old Boer got vaccinated and DIED some time after.

My Dentist and the Dental Nurse told me of a 63 year old White guy who was VERY FIT and VERY HEALTHY who also died after the vaccine had been administered. They said he was in EXCELLENT HEALTH before the vaccine.

Then my Dentist told me of his mother-in-law who took the vaccine and he said she has "aged ten years" since taking the vaccine!

My Dentist is not your normal type of normie/zombie. I like to think it’s due to me telling him years ago about politics and communism. So while he and I don’t see eye to eye on everything, he does acknowledge and understand certain things.

His brother is a Doctor and when my Dentist got COVID he went and organised some Ivermectin for himself. He was ill for 3 weeks and recovered. He even used the Ivermectin that they use for ANIMALS!!!! His brother told him he was INSANE to take it. But he did. And he survived. He told me that his brother the Doctor is now also an Ivermectin fan as a result of his patients who came back with the same story. So at least his brother is out of his Zombie state.

I noticed the intense levels of interest that my Dentist and the Dental nurse had in all the COVID stuff we regularly discuss. So I gave her the name of a good website to find lots of testimonies from American Doctors and nurses.

This COVID shit is making Whites crazy. But it’s a real wake up call.

We spoke about the many hypocrisies of COVID and other junk related to it. They were very interested.

In a separate post I want to discuss COVID antibodies and what my Dentist is doing.

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