Video: BIG WIN FOR RUSSIA! Blacks refuse to fight Blacks! – France withdraws – Why is Macron Withdrawing Soldiers from Niger? – My Analysis


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This is the first time that someone has produced a comprehensive book showing the horror of what is happening to Whites in South Africa. It even includes some really nasty, raw crime scene photos of attacks on Whites, especially the farmers. This is the most comprehensive report I have ever seen regarding what is happening to Whites in S. Africa.

[This is bizarre and complex to explain. But, Niger and the Black nations that engaged in coups actually stood up to the French and the West and the West lost. The coup nations were all backed by Wagner/Russia. The whole "war on terror" is stupid. It's an anti-Muslim war that the French and Americans were fighting for ungrateful Blacks. I think that the Blacks, ultimately, are cutting off their noses to spite their face. The French should leave the Blacks, because those Blacks will struggle against the Muslims. If Muslims fight Blacks – what do we care? Zilch. It means nothing to us. The strongest African nation, Nigeria, with 200 million people did not have the balls to take on little Niger! So it's a big failure for the West, for America and for France. But let it be a lesson to them that once upon a time, Whites in southern Africa were always willing to fight the enemies of the West. Now look at what a mess it all is? Russia is the big winner. It won without firing a shot. Does this mean the Blacks will live better lives under their new leaders? No. Not at all. Maybe this opens the door to more coup d'etats in Africa!!!! This opens doors for the Russians. And the Blacks are showing what totally worthless allies they are for the West. But, I think chaos among the Blacks will increase and that for them it is also downhill. For me, that's all good news. It's great. Let them collapse. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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2005: S.Africa: Black Teenage Mum: I drowned my HIV+ baby in a toilet
A young Matatiele mother admitted in the Pietermaritzburg High Court on Friday to killing her nine-month-old baby because she was HIV positive.

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