IMPORTANT FROM JAN: A Wild Night! Blacks were chased and shot JUMPING ON OUR ROOFS!!!!!! – At my house!!!

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This is a very quick note from Monday 25th September in the afternoon. Last night we had quite a lot of wild action in our area.

I am a late night owl. After midnight, I heard a bunch of gunshots. And I went to our community group and several people had heard the gunshots. Then neighbours said 3 gunshots, but I heard them clearly and they were really fast – I think there were 5. Anyhow, the security company tracked it down to 2 cars firing at each other and the security company chased the cars but the cars got away.

Then at about 5:30am all hell broke loose around my house. I began to hear people shouting at each other. At first I thought it was a brawl. Then I heard a gunshot and then I saw them dragging a black outside.


But it turned out 2 Blacks had tried to rob someone’s house a distance away but the alarm went off the security people, along with a drone, were chasing the 2 Blacks. But these guys were insanely athletic. The one black got away.

But the Black who was caught jumped on to buildings, and I know this sounds impossible, but he was ON TOP OF THE ROOFS OF HOUSES!!!! I’ll explain later how this came to be. He even jumped off a roof into my yard! And he somehow (I can’t figure this out yet), jumped out of my yard over my wall complete with razor wire into another neighbour and then another neighbour.

It was there that they cornered him and shot him. But he was also on the roof there!!!

I reckon the chase had taken about 30 minutes.

It was crazy. Cars were swarming around my house and I was outside speaking to the people. Eventually about 10 or more security people even walked around my house to check – but I had already been at the back.

I’m told that Blacks jumping on roofs happens a lot in the rural towns. This is the first time it’s happened here in the suburbs.

It was crazy wild.

And this on top of the incident with the helicopter about 2 weeks ago.

A very wild morning. Our crime seems to be out of control.

Luckily, our suburb works together quite well and I was checking our Emergency group and we already have over 270 people on our emergency group. They are adding people like CRAZY.

I have been very lax with my security. I will have to add the security project to my tasks to do. I used to be very careful, but I’ll have to begin beefing things up and talking more to my neighbours. People are very asleep.

But all in all the Blacks got a very hot reception. There were a bunch of cars with Whites, Indians and Blacks most of them with guns and they were not buggering around.

A bummer that the one got away. In the previous shooting, with the 4, they killed 1 and caught 2 and I think 1 got away. I can’t remember now.

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