S.Africa: Blacks can’t pass School exams so Govt reduced pass rates to 30% – My Comments

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[Here is a recent article from 2021, where the Blacks still discuss this 30% pass rate. It used to be that, like everywhere else in the world, that if you had to pass exams at school, especially the final Matric exam, that you needed to pass with 50%. Well, Whites always said Blacks were not intelligent enough to pass these exams … so many years ago the Black government just reduced the pass rate. So if you get 31% in an exam… then you've passed!!! Like with crime, electricity and everything else, they just fudge the figures and lie about the numbers. They will NEVER admit that the Whites were RIGHT! NEVER! Maimane, the Black quoted in this article, is a Black Christian married to a White (Jewish?) woman. He is definitely a toady for the Jews. The Jews own him. He pretends to be a liberal. He's just another worthless weakling whom Whites have been fooled into believing he can do something. He's useless and he won't. Whites must learn to stand up for themselves. Jan]

One SA Movement leader Mmusi Maimane has called for the government to fix the education system in South Africa, and believes that it is the key to dealing with South Africa’s economic struggles.

In a series of tweets, Maimane argued that South Africa does not pay its teachers enough, and said that good teachers must be rewarded.

“Education is the way out of this economic mess,” Maimane tweeted.

“The 4IR economy requires specific hard skills. Our teachers are the frontline workers in the quest for economic prosperity.”

He highlighted the importance of having motivated, qualified, and ambitious teachers in every classroom and called for the end to the “30% pass mark syndrome.”

“Every year we go through the repacking of mediocrity when results are announced,” said Maimane.

“If the results were announced based on a 50% pass mark more people would see the real state of our education system.”

Maimane also blamed education minister Angie Motshekga for problems in the education sector, calling her “the weakest link in our education system management.”

“We must equip our young people to compete and win in the global economy,” he said.

“They can with good education.”

Misleading matric numbers

2021’s matric class will receive their final marks next month, but it is important to understand these numbers in the right context.

For example, the matric class of 2020 achieved a pass rate of 76.2%. However, this does not take into account the total number of learners who began Grade 10 two years earlier.

Using this as a metric, the “real” matric pass rate was just 44.1% – which is a far more worrying number.

“The serious concerns plaguing the South African basic education system will never be addressed if the Department continues to try and bury the truth of their ineptitude,” said the DA’s Shadow Minister of Basic Education, Bax Nodada.

“Unless the Minister and the Department urgently engage with stakeholders to address these failures, the true Matric pass rate will plummet, to the detriment of our children and all our futures.”

Source: https://mybroadband.co.za/news/government/428374-end-30-pass-mark-syndrome-at-schools.html

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