Video & Audio: That which does not KILL YOU, makes you stronger – My Recent Accident


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Video: WW2: Waffen SS: We Dreamed of something MARVELLOUS
If all Whites understood what Hitler was trying to do, ALL Whites, everywhere would all have become NAZIS! In this video we take a look at the Belgian Leon Degrelle who became a NAZI and later an officer in the Waffen SS.

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The video contains the first 2 photos and first 2 voice messages I made after I woke up from the fall where I had been unconscious on the ground for 10-18 minutes.

The freak accident that happened to me was a lot like Diversity and Liberalism and the many bad decisions which seem to be harmless but which set the scene for a real disaster.

This was recorded on 2022-10-28. This is about my accident when I fell off the roof on 23rd October. My accident was, in many ways the same as the Diversity lie. I’m normally very careful and this is my first “Industrial scale” accident I’ve ever had. I only have myself to blame. But in many ways, my actions and thinking that finally led to this was the same as Liberalism and Diversity.

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