Video & Audio: Corona Virus: Political, Economic & Cultural Impact analysed


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The more I investigate, the medical side of this so-called pandemic, the more convinced I am that this is a #TOTALSCAM. We have a totally fake “problem”, which has an even more FAKE SOLUTION. The real crisis that is going to occur is the one that is being created by the massive stay at home campaign across the world.

In this video/audio, I look at the Political consequences as I see them for South Africa and the USA.

I look at the massive economic consequences that will hit other countries, especially the USA like a train.

Finally, I look at the Cultural consequences which are enormous. I look at the short and long term consequences, as well as the things which I think are going to be positive for the Alt Right and for Whites.

I also discuss the role of the Super-Rich and the Jews in this, the greatest scam ever carried out. This is much more enormous than 911 or the 2008 banking meltdown.

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