Video: Africa: Blacks complaining no news coverage of African Wars! – My Comments

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[Well, these Blacks are busy whining about White hypocrisy or racism or whatever junk they think it is. But in the process, these Blacks are ADMITTING that large wars are under way in Africa. Of course the ARMIES are nothing like what you're seeing in Ukraine, but ENORMOUS MASSES of BLACKS are FLEEING. Hehehehe. So here you see, out of the mouths of Blacks that Black Africa has lots of WARS …. and of course … Whites did not start this. These are BLACKS fighting with other BLACKS and Whites had no part in this. Very funny actually. And of course, Blacks are responsible, Blacks are STUFFING UP their supposed freedome from those evil White colonialists. How funny. I can't help but laugh to myself. So just to show you, the Jewish Liberal claptrap about how WONDERFUL Africa is under Black rule … is pure garbage. Here you hear it out of the mouths of the crybaby Blacks … and of course …. WHITE RACISM is the real problem … apparently. These people are such children I tell you. Just like the Jews. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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