VERY IMPORTANT: Jewish Arguments BREAK DOWN, then Jews need NEW LIES for the OLD LIES

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A very important point about Jews, and I’m seeing this more and more; and Alex Linder himself has noted this. Is that Jews need new lies to cover for the old lies.

Alex stated, and I’ve seen this myself: That Jews will lie for short term gain. They will also lie for long term gain.

However their sophistry (arguments that sound logical but are not logical), results in an argument that is actually illogical and it WILL BREAK DOWN.

It’s my view that Liberalism WILL BREAK DOWN in the fullness of time among all whites too.

But Jewish arguments, being flawed at the outset, DO BREAK DOWN. And Jews are MASTERS of moving in with the new lies to prop up the old lies. I’ve seen this in South Africa, but it occurs EVERYWHERE where Jews exist and where Jews are busy lying for gain and protection.

They will lie about EVERYTHING. There isn’t a thing they won’t lie about and a thing they won’t lie in favour of. They will lie for financial gain, for political gain. They will lie for PROTECTION of themselves.

Whenever Jews need something done they will lie. They LIE because LYING IS A THEIR WAY OF MANIPULATING US. That’s why they lie. And there is no end to their creativity.

I will put up some examples and audios about it.

But a recent example I came across is the lie that “blacks can’t be racists”. This is because racist was always used as an argument against whites. Then when whites began noticing blacks can be racists then the Jews needed to rush in to proper up the original lie. So they invented some Jewish bullshit about why blacks can’t be racists.

Jews are busy lying through their teeth all the time. A race of liars whose real goal is the manipulation of other people, ESPECIALLY WHITE PEOPLE.


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