Fears over President Ramaphosa’s scary Health Industry changes


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[The stupid worthless multiracial Liberals in South Africa are freaking out over the coming Health industry changes. The weak scum won't do anything. They were blasting out this newsletter. Jan]

Fellow South African,

Time is running out to stop the ANC’s disastrous National Health Insurance Bill.

If we do not take action now, you could pay up to R5000 more a month in tax to fund a universal healthcare system that removes your choice of medical aid. Instead, forcing you to use government healthcare.

Lodge an objection now!

There’s no question that we need to improve South Africa’s healthcare system, so that everyone can get quality treatment, but the NHI will only nationalise healthcare, bringing the same corruption and complete mismanagement that the ANC has brought to Eskom, SAA, and local government.

There are just five weeks left before your chance to object to this catastrophic Bill is gone!

Please urgently submit your objection so that we can stop the NHI and save South Africa.

If you do not speak out, the NHI will collapse medical aids, remove your ability to choose your healthcare and lead to a large-scale brain drain from South Africa – making the 10-million-person unemployment crisis even worse.

If you do not make your voice heard, you give this corrupt ANC government the right to refuse you and your loved ones life-saving treatment when budgets are depleted.

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