VERY IMPORTANT: INFO WANTED: Parallels between America and South Africa: JEWS destroying Whites: Amazing Ben Klassen, Rockwell and Dr Pierce

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[This is from an email I wrote to an American who has been writing about the Jews for long. I've made an amazing discovery about Ben Klassen who created the AWESOME White Church of Creativity. I love that thing. There are 3 White men who tried like crazy to save White America and all 3 were NAZIS!!!! They were: Rockwell, Klassen and Dr Pierce. Rockwell had to be killed because, even with a small amount of finance, he would have destroyed American Jewry. White Americans LOST A RACE WAR. That failure and that loss is known as the Civil Rights Movement. See my email below. It is amazing the parallels that existed between America and South Africa. At the same time that Jews were busy destroying NAZIS and racists in America, they were also busy destroying NAZIS and racists in South Africa. The parallel killing of Verwoerd and Rockwell are examples. It is very fascinating. But now there's a section of US history that I want to study. See my requests below. Jan]

I’m doing real deep dives into southern African history, which nobody has done. I’m doing research faster than I can put out videos.

I will be putting out critical videos on this matter. It’s just complex putting it all together in context.

But, after all that rambling, it seems to me the CRITICAL period in American history when Americans began losing control of their country is the 1960s.
That is when White America lost.

I’m now realising how AWESOME BEN KLASSEN was. Ben Klassen is seriously AWESOME. He ranks right up there with Rockwell, and he was active before Pierce.

I never knew this side of Klassen. I’ve only now discovered it. Ben Klassen wrote his own biography in the book: Against the Evil Tide. It’s his personal life story and it’s damned fascinating. Ben Klassen was actually a Christian and just a "normie" American, and a VERY SUCCESSFUL ONE TOO. Ben was amazingly successful.

Klassen had much more money than Rockwell and he functioned at the same time, but he was ALWAYS pro-Hitler and pro-German. But he was in all other respects a NORMAL WHITE AMERICAN. He was very successful in all he did, and he was married and had a daughter. She must still be alive – but I doubt anyone can find her.

Let me tell you what I’m looking for now. I’m looking for the best books or videos that I can find on what the White Right did in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. What is fascinating is that Klassen, Rockwell and Dr Pierce were the 3 great movers and shakers … but they operated at different levels and with different levels of success. Klassen and Dr Pierce later definitely worked together – but I have no details of that. All I know is that Klassen sold his Church property to Dr Pierce so that the Feds could not get it. I want to understand what happened between the 1960s and the end of the 1980s in America in the White Right.

Ben Klassen is awesome – he is very very clever, very sophisticated actually and he had more money – far more money than Rockwell or Pierce ever did. Klassen and Pierce were doing almost identical things. They were two peas in a pod pushing people in almost EXACTLY the same direction.

But KLASSEN is far superior to Rockwell and even Pierce because he entered the 1960s with MONEY and SUCCESS. He was at the top of his game. Klassen had gone into retirement at the age of 35 because he’d been doing so well. Then he began to notice things. He began as a CHRISTIAN, who then began fighting the race issue, and he supported George Wallace. Wallace and McCarthy are 2 key people who definitely were rocking and Jews defeated BOTH of them. Jews infiltrated BOTH OF THEM and destroyed them from within.

Klassen spotted the Jew who was close to Wallace and who destroyed Wallace.
Rockwell spotted the Jews who got close to McCarthy and who destroyed McCarthy.

I am now very fascinated in any: books, PDFS, Documentaries, articles and info that relates to US Right Wing activity from 1960 to 1990. Any good stuff that you have is most welcome. I want it. This is a very fascinating story.

The only 2 survivors of that time were Klassen and Pierce. Both came out of it alive – because the Jews killed Rockwell. The Jews clearly saw Rockwell as the greatest threat – because Rockwell would have smashed the Jews if he had won.

Within the time period of 1960 to 1990 that I’m looking for info on, the first, most critical period are the 1960s and the RACE WAR that you Americans lost. The Race War you lost is now known to history as the "Victory of the Civil Rights Movement". But you LOST your race war.
As a result of you losing your race war, American NEVER supported the Whites in Africa.
It can be shown that we Whites in Africa, and the Boers in particular, outlasted everyone in the racial fight. But, if America had NOT lost it’s race war, then America would EASILY, have supported Whites in Rhodesia, South Africa, the Portuguese and we would still be ruling Africa today. There is no question whatsoever that the internal AND external wars that you lost, impacted you totally and crippled you. What I have discovered, is that France, Portugal and even NATO were working in Africa helping Whites here. But America, Britain and especially the Russians, were on the side of the Blacks. So Jewry, actually, strategically outmanoeuvred us Whites in Africa at a high level. If America had not lost that RACE WAR inside America along with the Communist war in Vietnam, then it would have been a different story.

I know about Vietnam, but the war I don’t know enough about is the RACE WAR inside America. Rockwell mentions it.

The books I have not gone through are Rockwell’s books, but I have them. I will be going through them soon.

Rockwell knew that America must support Rhodesia and South Africa and he did.

Ben Klassen is an amazing mine of information. I did not realise what lies in his biography.
I can turn it into an audio book.

What I want to get a better grip on is what the White Right and the American NAZIS were doing in the period 1960 to 1990. But I’m ESPECIALLY interested in the war INSIDE AMERICA, because AT THE SAME TIME that Blacks were rising up in Africa, against the Whites, Blacks were causing riots in the USA and they were even knocking out power grids.

You had Jews, like that Jewish communist who is now a Right Winger. The guy from Frontpage Magazine, David Horrowitz. He was the American equivalent to the South African Jews like Ronnie Kasrils and Joe Slovo. (All these Jews should have been hanged – seriously).

Horrowitz was a Black Panther. He was doing what Whites were doing in the ANC (with Nelson Mandela) and with Julius Malema now.

Jews operate across the world at the same time. They definitely work together across borders and with an aim at strategic goals. You can see that in many ways when you tie together American and South African history. You see EXACTLY the same thing happening
in both those countries AT THE SAME TIME, but the Jews succeed more in the one than in the other.

In this regard, White Americans lost quicker. The Boers definitely outlasted White America.

I know the history of our region in these periods well, but I lack knowledge of the White Right in America.

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