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S.Africa: Black man caught having sex with calf
Blacks catching another black ... in the act

[This is a note I wrote to some Boers here in SA. The USA has a serious problem. Jan]

I wrote this:
I am working like crazy on my Africa videos. Last night I was reading a declassified US State Dept analysis about the Whites of Africa in 1962. It makes for incredible reading about how afraid the USA was of an all out RACE WAR in southern Africa between Portugal, South Africa, SWA and Rhodesia against the Blacks. What a fascinating read that was. But there was so much about South Africa and Apartheid. I need to look at it more closely later.

It becomes clear why the Americans were scared. AMERICA CANNOT FIGHT BLACKS. That is a very important thing to understand, and Britain is even more useless. AMERICAN AND BRITAIN are big weaklings when it comes to race.

The next weakest are the Scandanavians who are now shitting bricks. Europeans are much stronger on this issue.

But this issue is a BURNING ISSUE FOR US.

Our best way out of this, is SELF RULE.

But Whites (as a Race) are INCAPABLE of addressing RACE and HUMAN DIFFERENCES as an ISSUE. The US State Department document refers to race as a "theory" that must be combatted because it is incompatible with US Political philosophy and values. So the bottom line is that in 1962 already, the USA was incapable of dealing with RACE. In Ian Smith’s memoirs, he also explains what he learned by speaking directly to a US Official who was friendly to Rhodesia. The more Whites elsewhere get non-Whites in their countries, the WEAKER they will be politically to deal with RACE. ULTIMATELY, Whites MUST stand up on this issue, or all Whites will be crushed under "equality" – and in our case, it is "wrong" for us to rule Blacks, but it’s not wrong for Blacks to rule us. I find all of this ridiculous. The topic is complex. But what a fascinating read. Even as I’m making videos on the info I ALREADY HAVE, I am uncovering NEW INFO. It makes for such an interesting read.

The elephant in the room that Whites EVERYWHERE are incapable of addressing RACE and HUMAN DIFFERENCES. And it is regarded as a "theory" and untrue. White Americans made a BIG MISTAKE when they brought BLACKS into their society as EQUALS. The US Civil War is burning all of the Western world now. That was America’s gigantic step in the wrong direction and that wrong step could destroy America as we know it – given enough time. e.g. Another 50 years. Anyhow, I want to try to finish the first video. You are going to be so surprised by what was known and foreseen in the early 1960s. It’s a hell of a story … and it’s not the only story. But this is the story that was never told to any of us who lived here. As always, the common man is in the dark about what is really going on.

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2010: S.Africa: Julius Malema incited Blacks to rape, torture & murder Afrikaans farm owners
An Afrikaans farmer and his family fled South Africa after deciding to lay charges against Julius Malema. In his affidavit he said that 2380 Afrikaners had been murdered in the last 16 years and some had been tortured.

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