VERY IMPORTANT: Jews are censoring & blocking photos, images & cartoons on Websites


I have noticed a very disturbing fact for a few months now. I noticed that many images, photos or cartoons relating to JEWS, are being blocked on my website. I am assuming that this is due to controls that are being exerted on the website software from behind the scenes. I found it very annoying, but today I discovered that a cartoon about Hitler that I had running and which was very popular in the past, is also not displaying. So it seems to me there must be a lot of images on my website that are no longer displaying without me knowing about it.

If you come across pages on my site where there are supposed to be memes, cartoons, etc and they are not displaying, then please leave me a message with the details of the page or the page url. This is extremely annoying. I am sure I know how they are doing it. But unfortunately, I don’t know of an easy fix. I can however fix them one by one. I think I know what they are looking and hunting for. But this is most irritating.

Please keep an eye open for this. To know when this is happening, you will see a small image – like a thick line where a photo/image/cartoon would have been.

These bastards are everywhere.

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