UnitedKikeDom: Do the Jewish Rothschilds of Britain rule the world? – Cecil Rhodes, Rhodesia & South Africa


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I must tell you, that over the last 2-4 years or so, I’ve been thinking about these Rothschilds in Britain and the way the British Government is always ready to lick the boots of any Jewish Banking scheme….

Boris Johnson, the Half-Jewish clown who rules Britain has openly stated that nobody has defended BANKING more than him!!! So clearly he’s an agent for bankers.

But those Rothschilds are worth AT THE VERY LEAST $1 trillion. But I think the amount is much greater than that. A friend of mine who studied the Jewish history for most of his life told me that the Rothschilds literally OWNED the British Economy as of 1815 and the Battle of Waterloo.

He told me that some time later the Rothschilds literally bought up the French economy.

I discovered that Cecil Rhodes, the founder of Rhodesia, had referred to the British Rothschild as "my Master".

I think the Rothschilds have HIDDEN THEIR WEALTH for a very long time and that their wealth IS NOT PUBLIC. It is hidden away in all kinds of businesses that are PRIVATE. Furthermore, they have "puppets" who may be Jews or other Whites, who then go out and "become rich" … when in fact, they are are secrectly funded and controlled by the Rothschilds.

Here in South Africa there was the HOEK REPORT by Professor Hoek, which was given to Dr Hendrik Verwoerd before he was assassinated.

As best I recall, the Hoek Report showed that Anglo-American, a huge mining company, owned by the Jewish Oppenheimer family, OWNED 70% of all of South African business.

Jews literally OWN ENTIRE ECONOMIES in some places.

But what I don’t know is how much they OWN of the world economy, especially of Western countries.

I strongly suspect that all the boot-licking politicians across the West, from Biden, Clinton, Macron, Johnson, Merkel, etc, etc … that there are Jewish Money reasons why these White puppets lick the boots of the super rich.

It is because the NATION’S ECONOMY IS OWNED… and it’s not owned by Whites.

But the Rothschilds were for example very happy about the destruction of the Boers in the 2nd Anglo-Boer war and that led to the seizure of the mines in the Boer territory.

The British Royal Navy and the British Empire’s armies … went and killed across the world in order to expand Jewish interests.

The question is how much money did the Rothschilds really get?

I think the $1 trillion is far too little. I think they are worth vast amounts of money. There are enormous financial scams on this planet. e.g. Derivatives and much more.

I ask myself how much of this is Jewish nonsense.

I think that if there is anyone on this planet, who almost own it … it would be the Rothschilds, and all the British Monarchy and Elite and it’s military and intelligence all work to hide that and to PROTECT IT.

Britain really exists …. to protect the Rothschilds. That’s what I think.

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