Trustworthy Legal Advice for South Africans: Affordable/Free in these hard times

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This is a short note, but it’s aimed at South Africans and it’s based on my own personal experience.

I will actually explain more in a video. This is as a result of my own investigations 5 years ago, and even my recent experiences with the malicious criminal case you-know-who laid against me.

There is a man here in SA who once was a wealthy factory owner who was cheated into bankruptcy by you-know-who. At the time, you-know-who, also cheated several other factory owners and they all went bankrupt.

But this white Englishman, being wealthy, ended up spending a MASSIVE amount of his own money trying to get attorneys to hunt down this high level white collar criminal who fled the country and to get justice. After years, and spending a literal fortune on these attorneys, he was bankrupted. Due to all these legal hassles, he learned over time how to conduct his own legal affairs by himself even though he was not an attorney and he stopped using attorneys.

In South Africa, like America and elsewhere, you can represent yourself in court, even in the high court. And, if you have any questions regarding the law, you are allowed to stop the proceedings and to get assistance. These are your rights.

This man, over the decades learned how to fight for himself in court despite not being an attorney. I’ve studied the results of what’s happened to him and what he has done and I also have used him at times, even recently.

He decided some years ago to start functioning as "Fair Civil Law" and to assist common people with a view to helping them legally in a way that is affordable.

One of his strongest points is that he produces for you, proper legal documents and also shows you how you can write up your story as is needed and then he explains to you, how you can carry out all the legal procedures yourself.

I have done this myself when another organisation threatened me a few years ago. They sent me a legal letter with threats to my website and they said they would take me to court. I made use of this guy and he showed me the ropes exactly, on how to write a proper response, and the proper way to have it sent to them so that everything I do is valid in a court of law. I ended up sending 2 very long legal documents to the organisation in question and I shut them the hell up and they left me alone.

So if you are struggling, and you need affordable legal assistance I highly recommend this man because I use him myself and I am keen to learn more in order to help myself rather than to pay extravagant sums of money which I cannot afford.

He will advise you, and give you documents. You contact him by email but you can also phone him as is needed. He will assist you reasonably, and may at a point ask you to pay a fee. But he is very reasonable and offers the only service of his kind that I know of.

He often deals with people regarding things like: Banks wanting to seize their property, or Divorce issues or Child custody issues. But he deals with everything and functions very happily even in the high court.

I will give my own updates later on things that he is busy helping me with.

It is rare that I personally recommend people and I do not do so because they have asked me for it, or because they’re paying me money for it. This is my personal recommendation as a result of my own struggles, investigations and experience.

You may contact him at these email addresses. Feel free to tell him that Jan recommended him:


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