The SADF: Apartheid’s Wehrmacht – The Greatest White fighting Machine that ever existed in Africa

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[This is from a note I was writing to someone in Europe. I am looking for photos of SADF parades. Don't mix up the SADF with the SANDF. The SANDF is what it came to be called under Black ANC Communist rule. The SANDF is a clown show by comparison. You cannot compare the SANDF with the SADF. These things are world's apart. Jan]

If you are referring to the SADF parade, it would be nice to get more photos of SADF parades. When I first came to South Africa, and I was about 18 or so, I was in the navy and we were doing our basic training. We then were sent by train to Durban, to take part in a military parade in 1981. The Navy was the smallest contingent, and we were at the back of the parade. Right in the front were the Army, followed by the Airforce (blue) followed by us. I must tell you, even as a participant in that parade, it was an amazing sight to see THOUSANDS of young, fit White men in front of me. We formed an enormous column and the sides of the roads were lined with Whites cheering for us. Back then I was in a very depressed state myself, with the move to the new country, so I wasn’t very excited. But it was quite incredible to see this. The closest to seeing what Whites can do, if they want to, are the events of "Black Monday" in 2017. Have you seen the video I did about that? But the SADF was the Wehrmacht of Africa. And when you fully grasp the amazing SADF, you will weep tears for how this magnificent White male machine was shut down and lost by cowards and traitors like FW De Klerk. I will ask people for photos of SADF parades. If you can get your hands on any, please email them to me. You don’t know half about this amazing White European WAR MACHINE that existed in South Africa. I’ve not even touched on, or done any videos about this thing. The SADF was amazing and it was never even used to 1% of what it was capable of. But it did win victories – there are victories it won that nobody even writes about or acknowledges. It did some of it’s finest work for the traitor FW De Klerk. There’s much to tell. AND… the French, the West Germans, Canadians, Italians … WHITES FROM EUROPE (with the exception of the Canadian genius who helped us), helped in the creation of the power of White South Africa. It was so magnificent. And all thrown away by a Jew-loving, Liberal, globalist, bag of treasonous garbage named De Klerk.

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