TRUMP DISAPPOINTMENT: Whites Unity + Guns = Freedom (or the best shot at Freedom) any Whites, anywhere can have…


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[On Gab, I saw a lovely post by a white guy about Trump being a huge disappointment. Here is the whole post. Below it is my answer. Jan]

@Aryan-Spirit wrote:

Aryan Spirit@Aryan-Spirit

Donald Trump was the great disappointment of European Americans! Now millions start to recognize that there’s no way out of ZOG by democratic means. That the two party system is only a facade for the Permanent Government in the shadows. The “Lobby”.

“We want the highest levels of legal migration into the United States ever.” (Donald Trump)

“Black Americans built this Country.” (Donald Trump)

“Nobody loves Israel more than me. We will always stand for Israel whenever Israel needs. Israel is our greatest ally”. (Donald Trump)

“My daughter will have a Jewish baby.” (Donald Trump)

“I’m monitoring the situation”. (Donald Trump)

“I declare Jerusalem the eternal capital of the people of Israel and will move our embassy to Jerusalem”. (Donald Trump)

““We will confront anti-Semitism. We will stamp out prejudice. We will condemn hatred. We will bear witness. And we will act. We pledge with all of our might and resolve: Never Again!” (Donald Trump)

“Under my leadership, America’s policy is unambiguous to terrorists who harm or intend to harm any American. We will find you, we will eliminate you. We will always protect our diplomats, service members, all Americans, and our ALLIES”… (Donald Trump, after bombing Iran)


My Reply:
@Aryan-Spirit My brother, what you have said, is also what has been apparent to me. That VOTING is NOT the way out. Not for you Americans, nor for us in S.Africa. REVOLUTION … WAR … is THE ONLY WAY. There is nothing else. WHITE REVOLUTION.

The rich are dog shit. Not just Trump. Almost every last one of them. You cannot get to be that rich, without the Jews ensuring that you are among that “clique”. Not one of these SOBs, has done a thing to empty the swamp. Look at the ridiculous events like “Epstein committing suicide” just before he goes to trial. The same happened in the US with the Jew Lord Janner. He “died in his bed” one night, most conventiently, just before he too went on trial. Over 20 people were ready to testify to his pedophilia in the houses of parliament. It had taken them over 20 years to get the SOB in court and then he “dies”. I wonder if he was spirited to Israel, and perhaps Epstein too? I find these “coincidents” just too much.

The system is rotten to the core. Not the Police. I’m talking the elite who run everything. I’m sure many military, intelligence, police and others are just trying to do their jobs. But they are always overridden by these POS in high positions, all of whom, grovel like dogs before the Jews.

I was very much in favour of Trump as President. I cheered for him. Now I am disgusted. He can’t do the simplest things. It could be that he’s been blackmailed because he was Epstein’s buddy too and was looking at the young women. The reason why Trump has turned does not matter.

The point is, that voting is a waste of time, even in countries where whites are a majority. Keep your guns. They’ll be needed for REVOLUTION.

As outnumbered as we are here in SA I am also convinced, the ONLY WAY, to even survive slightly, is by force of arms. Whites Unity + Guns = Freedom.

Forget voting. Forget talking. Forget intellectual discussions to “fix things” with Jews and blacks.

White Unity + Guns = Freedom or a decent stab at Freedom.
Everything is is pure BS.

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