The World Wide War Jews are waging on White Farmers especially in S.Africa & America

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I have been watching various news from the USA and there is no question in my mind that we’re seeing a world wide war against the WHITE FARMER, especially the White Family who lived on a farm and ran their farm.

These enormous Jewish mega-corporations are taking all sorts of liberties against the farmers.

In South Africa the Jewish Anglo-American diamond monopoly is buying up white land.

In the USA, the Jewish mega-corporations are destroying the farmers. I see that suicide among American farmers is at an all time high.

I suspect that the Jews in Washington are using their powers to seize land in the West for the Govt.

A most interesting fight is developing between American farmers and tractor manufacturers. The mega-corporations are preventing farmers from even fixing their own equipment, especially the software that runs the machinery.

I have always been extremely suspicious about the needless over-sophistication of modern, what I call, geek cars. I have always seen this as a big weakness in the vehicles especially in a time of war and need. For this reason I have kept my 1991 Toyota corrolla because its a simple old car that can be fixed without any special needs.

I urge whites everywhere, in all Western nations to watch the fate of the white farmers. The Jews and their communist pals have always focused their attention on destroying white farmers. It started with the holodomor in the Ukraine almost a century ago, where 7 million whites were starved to death by Jewish communism.

It is not just across Africa where there has been a war against the white farmer, but there seems to be an intense war going on in the USA that nobody is talking about. I will bet it is happening in all Western countries. It is an important topic to watch.

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