S.Africa: Electricity 20 days away from collapse? Also: How Blacks massively increased transport costs!


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Black lies from 2006: Zimbabwe: Only 200 White Farmers paid of 4,000 Rest paid in 2010? Oh Yeah?
I posted this in 2006. The Blacks had stolen 4,000 farms out of the 5,000 that were there. They lied about paying the White Farmers. You can read my skepticism and the news from 2006.

[An American wrote a commentary on his website about the status of our electricity here in South Africa, based on the news report at the bottom here. None of this surprises me. We are often on the edge of shortages. But I suspect that many times whites help to alert the blacks and push things along to avoid collapse. That is how I saw it when I was in the corporate world. Whites are always thinking ahead and saving the day for the blacks.

What also happens is that because the blacks screw things up so badly, they often resort to using money and spending it to avert a crisis. Money spent in this way often is badly spent. They need emergency measures (e.g. hire more trucks to haul the coal, etc). So all their bad planning and bad handling of things often requires LOTS of additional cash.

In this case I should mention that stacks of haulage these days is via roads. But when the whites ran the country, the railways were the core of the really heavy haulage. Railways are far more efficient than roads. The railway system has gone massively backward under black rule. The mass of extra haulage and trucks are also destroying our roads faster. So the switch from railway intensive haulage to truck intensive  haulage brings with it huge new inefficiencies and costs. South Africa is becoming massively more inefficient as a result of black rule. On top of this, there’s lots of corruption, and black businesses are hired to haul the coal by road. All these things add up to huge sums of money. There’s only one direction for this country: DOWNHILL! Jan]

Here is what the American wrote:-

Critical coal shortages at 10 of South Africa’s electrical generating facilities, with no more coal to be had, may mean lights out for a very large portion of South Africa within 20 days. South Africa’s Eskom power, which provides 90 percent of South Africa’s power, operates 15 coal fired power stations total. These power stations account for 40 gigawatts of power. If 10 go down, GOOD LUCK!

Eskom also operates a nuclear power plant, but with an output of less than 2 gigawatts it will not save the day.

The power stations are “state operated”, which sends a very clear message: The same government that wants to expel white farmers from their land can’t even keep the lights on. I see a very bright future for South Africa!


Here’s the original news report:-

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – South African power utility Eskom said on Monday that it had less than 20 days of coal supplies at 10 of its 15 coal-fired power stations, posing a threat to national power supplies.

“Out of our 15 coal-fired power stations, 10 of them have less than 20 days. Clearly this is contrary to what the regulator has prescribed,” Eskom spokesman Khulu Phasiwe said.

Cash-strapped Eskom is critical to Africa’s most industrialised economy as it supplies more than 90 percent of its power and is one of its most indebted state firms.

Source: https://af.reuters.com/article/topNews/idAFKCN1N00TT-OZATP

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