The War by the Super Rich scum to destroy Bitcoin & Crypto Currency – 50% collapse in 2 days


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I had been expecting Bitcoin to peak in October 2020 as per Max Keiser’s predictions. So the sudden caving of the market by 50% in 2 days has come very unexpectedly. I did a bit of research. I know that the ex-South African globalist scumbag, Elon Musk was playing a critical role in tanking Bitcoin – being the bag of shit that he is.

Upon closer inspection, I noticed another trend. Back at the end of April, Bitcoin was well over $60,000 and moving into fabulous territory, when another bag of shit, in this case, Bill Gates, also dived in and claimed he was betting on the total collapse of Bitcoin. That caused it from $63,000 to $48,000 in a sharp dive.

Then as the Bitcoin price collapsed, along came the shit bag, Musk, and he started his endless crap to smash the price down, which he has been doing very successfully.

I’m reading though that its the newbies who are freaking and aborting and running away from Bitcoin and cyrpto, whereas the old timers have seen this all before and are holding on to theirs.

The rich are filth, and they have no problem scaring people and lying to people in order to destroy the small man and then to capitalise themselves. I have such contempt for the rich I tell you. The more one studies them the more you see what bags of shit they really are, and they are at their worst, when common people go to them and ask them for advice and guidance. They’re pure filth.

The real issue I think is that Bitcoin is well on its way to reaching $100,000 and the rich are probably smashing it down WHILE SECRETLY BUYING INTO IT.

One question I don’t have an answer to, is whether Bitcoin’s cycle has peaked as of now, or whether it will still continue to peak in October or even later, like early next year.

I don’t have an answer to these questions. I don’t know the market that well, although I am monitoring it a lot and trying to get a feel for it.

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