The THOR OPTION VS The SAMSON OPTION: A Jewish liar & bag of shit: Ari Ben Menashe: Israeli Nuclear War


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Jews talk shit, almost all the time. But among Jews, there are some who excel at talking shit, even for a Jew.

A particular Jew that I’ve come across in the past, here in southern Africa is the “Canadian Jew” (as he was at the time) Ari Ben Menashe.

I have a very particular story to tell you about this Jewish bag of shit, and what he got up to here.

However, I came across mention of him in an article I recently posted about Epstein. In there it mentioned that he was also in a military intelligence type of role linked to Israel. He was involved in lots of nonsense.

But the most interesting thing about this Jew is THE SAMSON OPTION. This was a book wherein it was claimed that if Israel was under threat, that Israel had hundreds of nuclear warheads which it would unleash … I think on Europe and Russia – something like that.

At one time, when I had my Jewish friend in Israel, I believed this garbage. And I was assured Israel would go to nuclear war with Iran … yawn … and like a fool I believed it.

But then, later when I wised up to the Jewish scum, I began to rethink matters. I also knew of another Jew who writes a lot of military Jewish nonsense – and who angered military historians immensely.

I formed the opinion, that this SAMSON OPTION was nonsense and that these cowardly, lazy Jews would never actually do this. That this was really a type of scary propaganda.

When I posted the Epstein article, I then ran into a fascinating point. They said that the PRIME SOURCE for THE SAMSON OPTION book was none other than …. Ari Ben Menashe … A Jewish rogue of note … whom I will tell you more about later!!!!

So I just want to tell you, that for me, this is a definite confirmation that THE SAMSON OPTION is just Jewish Israeli crap … just some Jewish psychological warfare and threatening. Its complete hogwash.

In fact, I would say, the West should be nuking Israel! Yeah! Now that’s a much better idea.

Let’s call that nuking of Israel: THE THOR OPTION!!!!

Anything that was touched by the Iranian-Jewish scoundrel Ari Ben Menashe … truly … just flush it down the toilet. Its just Jewish crap.

Jews can talk so much shit. And boy can they talk crap, even on serious subjects that are military or even military history. That’s where I ran into another lying Jewish scumbag … who totally outraged military historians. They were so angry at what he wrote that several of them wrote an entire book to counter the damage he did to solid, military history.

Like I say. If a Jew has touched it … flush it down the toilet. You’re dealing with a race of pure crap.


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