The unbelievable toughness of the Romans: Whites in the USA & SA would surrender in an hour…

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One my video channel someone asked me what I thought was the most important stuff from the past about the Greeks, and here was my response. We do NOT appreciate the unbelievable toughness of the Romans and Greeks. In modern times, only the Germans and Fins and some other whites exhibited the balls of the Romans.

If the USA or South Africa, or Britain, or most Western countries, had to experience some of the military disasters that the Romans lived through, they would SURRENDER WITHIN AN HOUR. But not the Romans. They were unbelievable.

I replied:

I really admire their (the Greek) spirit. The Spartan King who went off to his death, knowing he would not return, told his wife so. She asked him what she should do? He told her: Find yourself a good man. I thought that was incredible strength of spirit.

But the real thing that is missing from the tales, is the Greek strategy, and how they survived and defeated occupation by a super power. Their actual strategy on land and sea was amazing. Its so sophisticated.

I also have Roman stuff I want to put up. The spirit of the Romans and the Greeks, is incredible. There are a number of reasons why the Romans were amazing. One of them is their undaunted spirit. NOTHING COULD BREAK THEM. That is best demonstrated when Hannibal invaded Italy. And Hannibal, contrary to Jewish Hollywood was a white male, who was a truly brilliant General. The struggle between the Romans and Hannibal is monumental, but the Roman spirit could not be conquered.

If the USA or South Africa had to suffer the kinds of defeats that the Romans experienced, everyone would throw in the towel and surrender within an hour. Not the Romans … The Roman spirit was unbelievable.

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