The real reason that Africa is apparently “poor” … but which everyone on EARTH avoids…


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Video: WRH002: 2,200 Years ago: How Red Haired Whites (Celts) discovered New Zealand
This is the story of the whites who did not go to Europe. This is the branch of Whites who went to Persia (modern day Iran) and India. What happened to some of these whites? This is the bizarre story of how they got to South America; Easter Island and finally, New Zealand.

[Africa is the 2nd biggest continent on the planet. Africa also has more mineral wealth than the ENTIRE REST OF THE WORLD COMBINED … but you won’t hear anyone telling you that. It is also the continent with the largest land area at the equator, and thus has the most rainfall and the most moderate climate on the planet. Yet, apparently, according to Liberals and Blacks, it is a continent with “natural disadvantages” and that is why it is “poor”. That’s all nonsense. It ignores the (African) Elephant in the room! Blacks, Liberals and Jews do their utmost to hide the obvious. They constantly put out a plethora of junk reasons why Africa under Black rule is poor, whereas, under White rule it was prospering. Jan]

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Get a Free PDF Book: Did Six Million Jews really die in WW2?
This is a classic pamphlet that was written decades ago. This was one of the first serious attempts to question the Jewish holocaust claims of WW2. The German Ernst Zundel went to jail for printing this small book in Canada! Zundel did not write this. This was written by someone in Europe. The original questioning of the Jewish holocaust began in Europe. It was a French professor who had been in a Concentration Camp during WW2 who realised that Jews were making claims that were not true. That is how people slowly began to question the Jewish holocaust story.

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