Photo: S.Africa: Johannesburg: Example of Crime in my area – I heard several gunshots

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This will give you an idea of how security really works in South Africa.

I’m writing this hot off the press so to speak. I heard several gunshots. Then on our community phone group someone else posted this:

Gunshots in the vlei (marsh)

It’s extremely rare for me to post on the group but I posted this:

I heard the gunshots too – quite a few – but to me they sounded far away

Then our local security company came back 9 minutes later with this info and this photo:
xxx Security checked the street. It was security officers chasing suspects that were trying to steal a cable around the area near xxxx by the park. Suspects have fled living their tools behind. Officers checking the area

So the above discussions and this photo – all of this happened in the space of 10 minutes.

So these were Blacks trying to dig up and steal copper cable … and they’re on the run. And this is at 4am in the morning – the time of night when the criminals are the busiest. I think it was last night when I also heard some gunshots. So that will give you some idea of how things really go here. The Black criminals don’t have it that easy.

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