The Destruction of Rhodesia, South Africa & the Portuguese Empire – Our BEST FRIENDS: France & Portugal


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On Gab, one of my supporters was discussing the downfall of the whites of South Africa. This is what he wrote: Who were the ultimate beneficiaries of the global communist backed wars against European colonialism in Africa.

Communist China. (as well as Wall Street and israel).

What was done to the long standing colonies was genocide. And we cannot forget this outrage against our people perpetrated ultimately by the jews (the CCCP was just a machine set up by the jews, still running (with less and less benefit for jewry) post-ww2, at which point the ‘anti-colonialism’ efforts were in full swing). This was assisted by China.

But also the Western powers, especially the US, enabled the process of ‘de-white-ification’ of large swathes of the planet. Instead of fighting wars in Korea and Vietnam, why were they not assisting their allies Britain and France in Africa? Because de-white-ification was US foreign policy.

Everyone was piling on the innocents of Africa, not just ole Putin’s KGB.

This was my reply:
@dleetr You make excellent points. There was a view in the 1960s, here in Africa where whites suddenly began to realise that overnight the entire world had turned against us. One moment we were on the side of the West and the next, was when Britain dumped its entire empire and suddenly we found the world against us and the english-speaking portion of the white race was totally against us. We got no help at all from them. Our only friends who actually helped were Europeans, who assisted us quietly. The FRENCH are at the top of the list of the whites who helped us. I pointed this out in my lecture: 50 Years of Race War in southern Africa, which I still want to make into a DVD. Then there were the Portuguese who were also staunch allies. Then there were quieter groups in Italy, Germany and even the Japanese who helped us. But FRANCE, believe it or not, was the No 1 country in the WORLD that assisted the whites of southern Africa. I’ve done my homework, I know the things that were traded, and I tell you they helped us more than anyone. They helped us the most with WEAPONS and SCIENCE. But the Portuguese were also there, all the way. So the French and the Portuguese were the most involved in helping us all, and of course we assisted the Portuguese too. But we gained a massive amount from them. The English-speaking world OTOH was hideous. They pushed for sanctions, etc. Our race is divided into 2 portions: The English, who actually work very closely together, almost in unison; and then the non-English, the Europeans who are more divided. And in this time, it is primarily the English-speaking side of our race which is leading us into destruction. I think it is because the English-speaking side of our race was so deeply involved with Jews, especially Britain. Britain was totally dominated by Jews and Britain has spat in the face of Europe for 300 years. The British Empire was a British/Jewish creation – the original globalism. But notice how QUICKLY, in the blink of an eye, the British Jewish empire disappeared. In this sense the Roman Empire, for example was extremely strong, even as it was falling. Someone described the fall of the Roman Empire as GRACEFUL, compared to that which is happening in the West now. And I would agree. I think that the big WEAKNESS in our race is Trade/Business. This is the niche where the Jew has outwitted us and this is what is really KILLING OUR RACE. We have to get this aspect of our race sorted out.

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