Jews as Nation Wreckers and Vultures in a dying SA…

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Expropriation Bill: The Government can seize your property without paying you for it
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[This is something I wrote to someone. Jan]

Something that strikes me about Jews in South Africa, as I watch this stupid, dying country, is that Jews are also VULTURES! They feed happily off a dying organism and they love it. They want an organism that no longer has life because they can steal and play around it. I think Jews NEED TO WRECK NATIONS – and then the mortally wounded nation, is a wonderful playground for them. It has lost the will to live and so for them it’s a wonderful place to play and steal lots of money. When it finally dies, then they need to find the next victim. They can’t create so when it is dead they need to find another happy, healthy, vibrant country which they will infiltrate and begin the process of killing it slowly.

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S.Africa: 3 Blacks die after raping a crocodile on the instructions of a WitchDoctor!
I found this story doing the rounds on the social media among whites. I dug into it. The original source for this is used to be one of the best and most reliable Zimbabwe news websites for years.

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