In the concentration camps mothers with small children [were told] ‘Did they not know all children under the age of 5 must die?’

“A tiny force of never more than 6,000 active Boers was able to frustrate and tie down 448,725 troops of the world’s largest empire.” As a result, the scorched earth Holocaust policy was brought into effect.


The Real Goal of The Anglo-Boer War & How It Was Achieved

By the Editor of WearsWar

“Lord Roberts burns our houses down;

The women out he drives;

He cannot overcome the men

So he persecutes the wives.”

(Transvaal State Secretary F W Reitz)

british-troops-burn-a-treacherous-burghers-farm-during-boer-war Propoganda

Left: The cultured & dignified Boer Women were also defiant. Right: British Calvary’s heroic stance against a handful of farmers depicted in “All That Was Left Of Them’. (Click on images to enlarge).

The Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902) was a war by the British Empire against a small Farming population in order to dispossess them of their country so that foreign interests, coveting the exploitation of newly discovered mining riches, could gain dominion – by any means necessary. The word ‘Boer’ means ‘Farmer’ in Dutch. The Boer (Afrikaners) are ethnic-Europeans, originally of Dutch, French and German extraction.

The Boer war was unlike any other war in modern history, according to author Stephen Mitford Goodson in his article titled ‘Holocausting the Boers’, (The Barnes Review Journal March/April 2017 issue). This war is more accurately characterized as the Rothschild-Anglo Empire vs Farmer-Boer War – a war conducted largely against women and children.

Despite having signed the Hague Convention on July 29, 1899, the British proceeded to contravene every article therein. The Rothschilds and the British imperialist designs to acquire total control of the newly discovered Transvaal Republic’s gold mines was the sole true motivation for instigating the attack against the independent-loving Dutch settlers.

J A Hobson’s ‘The War in South Africa’, 1900, exposed the fake atrocity propaganda and disinformation against the Boers to demonise them in the eyes of the British public. He revealed the true source of this incitement to war – the powerful Zionist lobby in South Africa which he termed ‘the Jew-Imperialists’.

The British government expected a quick defeat of the tiny Farmer-Boer population within a few months. However, as Goodson states:

“A tiny force of never more than 6,000 active Boers was able to frustrate and tie down 448,725 troops of the world’s largest empire.”

Michael Davitt, former member of the House of Commons who resigned in protest against the British offensive which he called ‘the greatest infamy of the nineteenth century’, wrote in ‘The Boer Fight for Freedom’, 1902, that two months after Lord Roberts had received an Earldom for having ‘finished’ the war [by simply issuing a ‘Proclamation’ to that effect even though the British controlled only one tenth of the Transvaal!] the British War Office announced:

“In view of recent Boer activity in various directions, his Majesty’s Government have decided, in addition to the large forces recently equipped locally in South Africa, to reinforce Lord Kitchener by 30,000 mounted troops beyond those already landed in Cape Colony.”

Top Left: A book about valiant Canadian volunteers. Top Right: Welsh volunteers returning home post-war. Center Right: New Zealand volunteers heading to South Africa. Bottom Left & Right: Australians with their imported artillery. All these forces were combined with English & other foreign regiments to defeat a standing army of 6,000 farmers at any given time.