WANTED: Those Treasonous ex-South African Jews knifing the Whites in the back even now…

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Here is a comment someone published on my Bitchute Channel about the Jewish swines of South Africa, who fled the country:
And then after creating the mess in SA some Jews fled to America where they give talks about how horrible apartheid was and how terrible the White-man was down there. Such gall these rats have.

The above comment from someone on my Bitchute channel has made me think. I know that lots of Jews from SA, went to Australia, and the USA. I am looking for any videos where ex-South African Jews are talking, anywhere in the world, and where they tell people that life under Apartheid was bad. I would very much like to get videos of that, because I think it is important for me to show this to whites in SA even now to know that these two-faced swines are scewing them even now.

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