Suspicious Bank Closings: Lots of Bank Closings in South Africa?


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Some Americans were chatting among themselves about suspicious bank closings in America. So I told them my story:

I have a South African bank closing story. We only have a handful of banks and they are huge. South Africa runs on oligopolies (not monopolies, but the next step down from that).

In fact, this very afternoon I was driving around hunting for a branch of a bank I deal with a lot. And I’m battling to find a bank branch…

The main branch I deal with, which is in an enormous shopping centre, closed and disappeared. I went there to make some admin changes and to my amazement the entire bank branch had just disappeared.

And it was a big branch in a HUGE shopping centre. Suddenly… poof … just GONE.

So I looked on google and decided to find the next one nearest to me. Today I wrote to 2 locations where there had been branches – including another BIG BRANCH … and they’re GONE!!!

So next week I will be searching again!!

Over here in SA, I’ve never seen so many OFFICE BUILDINGS that are as empty as they are now! NEVER! Today when I was hunting for the banking branches I was driving and looking at the office buildings again. Empty, empty.

Our Banks used to have MEGA BIG MONEY… They used to build beautiful, strong buildings especially for the bank. So you can see, this USED TO BE A BANK. The one I went to today, which had disappeared, was now replaced by a Black Funeral company!!!!
I was amazed!

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