Suidlanders: Will Gustav Muller leave Vanderkloof? – Latest THREAT WARNING to Whites…

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According to information I’ve received, there is a possibility that Gustav Muller, the leader of the Suidlanders might leave the tiny town of Vanderkloof where he and some of the Suidlanders are. The Suidlanders claim, internationally, that they are the world’s biggest civil defense organisation. However, their actual location is at a tiny place, called Vanderkloof which is hundreds of km from any other major centres in South Africa. They like to make the bold claim that they will save all the other whites of South Africa.

I think however, that the reality will be that we will save ourselves.

The town which is their HQ is very small – and possibly has only about 300 people living there. Over the last year or so, small numbers of Suidlanders have been moving into this little town. Some have sold their houses in bigger towns or cities and then moved to Vanderkloof where they believe they will be safe.

The Suidlanders are not liked by the existing residents. There have also been reports of some Suidlanders not paying their rent, etc.

Gustav Muller’s daughter has a farm near Philips town, and Suidlanders have begun settling there. There is a rumour that Muller might move there.

There are also some Suidlanders owned businesses in Vanderkloof.

The Suidlanders also went to “Code Orange” for the first time, over a week ago. On “Code Orange” their members have to be ready to evacuate within 3 hours! They have said they’ll be in this state for quite a while – possibly until after the election. The next level is “Code Red” meaning “Evacuate”.

I have heard some talk that the Suidlanders raised perhaps as much as R2 million ($142,000) in order to get Simon Roche to Europe some time back – which is a huge amount of money for the South African right wing. If this is true, then this would be perhaps the biggest sum of money raised among the right wing, perhaps since the time of the height of Eugene Terreblanche of the AWB – when it was still a very viable organisation.

On 1st April 2019, the Suidlanders issued a statement regarding a warning of a serious threat that awaited whites. And no, it was NOT an April fools joke! I verified that the message in Afrikaans was a genuine Suidlanders warning issued officially by them. It really made me chuckle at what their “commanding officer”, Muller, is telling them to prepare for.

He said they must prepare for either: Millions of starving blacks pouring across the borders OR an armed attack coming at them from across the borders. The message was in Afrikaans. It specified possible locations in South Africa where this might occur. What really made me laugh was when it was added into the message that: There is no weapon in South Africa capable of stopping this!! I was grinning from ear to ear. I’ll respond to it later.

There was an excellent voice message in Afrikaans several weeks ago, where someone, who sounded like he was a military officer, made some remarks about the Suidlanders. He said that if the Suidlanders’ claim of their size is true, (he cited 150,000 members), then the Suidlanders should by now have received R600 million ($42.8 million). He went on to say that if they had received such an enormous sum of money, then what do they have to show for it? If they had received this, then it should be clear for all to see the preparations which they had made on behalf of their members.

He went on to say that: Many military officers had come to the Suidlanders and studied their evacuation plan and had told them of the errors in their plans. He said that no military officer had agreed with their silly evacuation plan. Keep in mind that National Service was COMPULSORY for all whites under Apartheid and that we had at least about 500,000 white males with military experience in SA. We still have large numbers of such white males alive. It is not as if we are “newbies” at the game of warfare – in fact far from it.

One thing which more and more people agree on, is that evacuation, using large numbers of civilian vehicles could easily result in convoys being stopped and blocked and then killed off. In other words, the convoy idea, used on a big scale, could get people killed in an actual war situation.

I have wondered whether the Suidlanders’ plan for evacuation comes from a misunderstanding, or deliberate misinterpretation of something I wrote in my book, Government by Deception (2002). In my book I spoke of the need to abandon and “run away” from “outlying areas”. I thought that my statement of what an outlying area is, was OBVIOUS! The Suidlanders’ plan is the exact opposite of what I wrote about in my book.

I also have actually been in a civilian convoy in war time. I have a few photos from Rhodesia, in 1978, when I was a teenager. I took these photos when we were in a very large civilian convoy that travelled about 500 Km to South Africa on a road where we could be ambushed by black communist terrorists. In my photos you can see how the Rhodesian Army actually organised a real civilian convoy containing hundreds of vehicles. Convoys are well understood by military people actually.

Finally, on a military note: There are some Boer self defense organisations in South Africa who are trying to convince the Suidlanders to actually make some kind of stand alongside them in the event of a war. If you listen to Simon Roche and the way he tells it, you’d imagine that only the Suidlanders exist. However, many self-defense organisations exist, and even more are being formed. ALL of them have their plans around actually fighting an enemy and making some kind of stand. Now some of these have invited/suggested to the Suidlanders that the Suidlanders actually stand by them! Let me clarify: The Suidlanders’ plan is to FLEE, plain and simple … this “biggest self-defense organisation in South Africa”… but here are others, even much smaller ones, saying to them: We’re going to stand and fight, how about you joining us? Yes, so while the “big baby” organisation wants to flee with its tail between its legs, the smaller ones have ZERO intention of doing that, and they’re basically inviting the big babies to have a bit of courage and to join the smaller ones who definitely will be making a fighting stand!!!

ALSO: There is an Afrikaans woman, who is also linked to the Suidlanders, who claims to have dreams and visions of the future. She works with Adriaan Snyman. So it seems we have a “living prophet” among us too … Yippee!!

My own assessment of these people is that they are “The Mormons of South Africa”.

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