South African businesses also in Corona Virus shutdowns

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I got a message from my Internet Service provider that they’re shutting down all unnecessary travel and many other measures, including giving gloves, etc to technicians who go to customers!

Other businesses are also cancelling events, etc.

So the stupid corona virus is affecting South Africa.

It is nothing like the madness of locking down 100 million Europeans. But the silliness continues here.

I see though that Africa has a tiny fraction of the air flights that Europe has and thus corona virus (if it is a threat) will spread more slowly into Africa.

But Bill Gates is predicting that in the end it will hit Africa harder than China.

I hope so. I was however disappointed with his predicted death toll of only 10 million. I really thought it would be more.

This whole event is still silly and there seems to me to be no medical proof of anything.

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