1800s: When Britain was the No 1 global Power: South Africa as a FAILED CANADA – Hitler – Britain’s best Friend

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[This is from a note I wrote to a guy who is a fervent British Nationalist. The British were, basically, creating a Canada-like structure in South Africa. That was how they were thinking. It is a fascinating story that I will discuss in videos. Jan]

BTW, I’ve been doing a lot of research on South African history in the 1800s since I’m doing shows with an American school teacher to teach the kids. In doing this, I found myself learning things about Britain in Africa which actually impressed me and is making me rethink things.

I was amazed to discover that in Britain that since the 1850s that there were lines of political thinking to FEDERATE South Africa – the Boers and the Blacks – and the Brits were thinking along those lines from time to time. It makes for quite a hell of a history.

I had realised, for quite long that South Africa is really a British creation. But I never knew it went back that far. And the model they wanted to use was to turn South Africa into a Canada.

Where it really gets interesting is with the British attacking the Zulus. Then the story has more twists and turns than I can believe. You’ll have to wait for the videos on this.

I must say, that I prefer the dominant racist British of the 1800s to the modern pathetic, weak knee-bending America of today. Truly. An area of weakness in my historical knowledge has been from 1815 to 1914. And I’m slowly beginning to fill that void.

But it is also shocking that Britain, 120 years ago, was the No 1 power on the planet. No 1 – like America is today. And it was like that for several decades after the destruction of Napoleon until the rise of Germany.

How do you British look back on your history and look at how you fell from where you were to the point where now you’re ruled by an Indian, and you’re being colonised by Blacks and Indians and Pakistanis? How do those of you, who are serious in the Nationalist movements see yourselves?

For the record, I laughed so much when Hitler spoke about Ghandi trying to get India on the road to freedom. Hitler detested Ghandi and Hitler told Germans to stay away from that nonsense.

Both the USA and Russia, were ruthless. Russia set out to destroy the British Empire. The USA didn’t give a crap about it, and basically told Churchill that colonialism must come to an end. That was the end of everything you had. To me it seems as if Hitler was the best friend you people ever had. Heck, I was born in the British Empire. I sure wish it had not collapsed. We Whites in Africa would have been so much better off.

Now *ALL* of us are a freaking mess.

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