Some Police Helicopter and Cop action at my house on Sunday…

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On Sunday, at midday, I heard a helicopter, but it was close by and even flying over my house, and it was clearly passing nearby. At one point I thought it was 2 helicopters. But the noise continued on and after about 10 minutes I decided I must go outside and look.

To my amazement the local private security company and the Police had cordoned off the area near my house and a single Police helicopter was circling the area looking for a criminal.

There is a small river that comes as close as about 300 metres from my house. My house is 2 houses away from an open area, a "vlei" (marshy ground). And this little river is a place where Black criminals come and hide away.

So there were almost 20 cops there and the search continued for 50 minutes. Eventually they actually caught a criminal.

It was a bit of excitement for a Sunday. Amazingly, none of my White neighbours even bothered to come outside to take a look even though all the action was happening around us.

I will discuss this incident more, later. It was quite fun.

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