Jan’s Prediction for Zuma’s MK Party in 2029 – Zuma will become MUCH STRONGER


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Ive looked at lots of literature over the years where the Jews claim Whites are slaughtering them. They cite pogroms as a nasty feature of their past. And then some pogroms are then called holocausts. But what exactly really happens? Is there any evidence of what exactly transpires between Whites and Jews?

The ANC’s drop to 40% is massive – I repeat Zuma the Zulu (+Hardline Black Communists who want to kill Whites are behind him). This would explain why the Black Jew President, Ramaphosa passed the NHI bill and the Hate Crime Bill. Both laws were passed in a rush in May. The Black Jew may have known that the ANC will *NEVER AGAIN* be able to pull off such a feat and he may have hoped this would help save the ANC. It is possible that this did help them a lot.

My prediction is in the next election: 2029 – Zuma’s party will be even stronger. They got 14% of the vote – from a standing start. It is clear they drew most of their support from the ANC but they also drew some Blacks from Malema ("Kill the Boer").

I’ve watched Zuma for almost 20 years. I’m warning you, he’s going to get STRONGER – in the next election he will do even better than this.

In 2009, the Communist Party and a Trade union MADE HIM PRESIDENT. I don’t think he’ll be President again, but he’ll be STRONGER.

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I discuss Whites who are out of their depth and helpless when they realise with horror the truth about Liberalism and Capitalism. I also talk about how Whites are caught up in fake problems that are the result of having so many moral factors that they need to take into account. Even here in South Africa we have helpless urban Whites who get flustered over nothing.

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