S.Africa: Whites: The path forward – separatism or what?

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When Mugabe seized the land of the farmers, it concerned me intensely. I had been a teenager when Rhodesia had become Zimbabwe. 2/3rd of us whites had left the country in the first 5 years of black rule mainly because we hated Mugabe intensely and regarded him as the worst option of the lot.

I had always been convinced that South Africa would in one way or another follow the same path, and so did other people I knew. Virtually every Rhodesian looked on South Africa as only requiring a matter of time before it falls to the next Zimbabwe-like level down.

It was after 2000 that I for the first time, began looking into the issue of separatism and a whites only state. I wrote about it in my book Government by Deception and even drew my first map of it and published it on my website. Later, others like Dan Roodt, also drew up a map; a very different map, and probably a more realistic map than mine. But our base assumptions were different. Mine was about protection and security.

There is an ever-increasing interest in some kind of separatist state among whites here. The scale of the supporters is still small, but it’s growing. There are even people who created a virtual state, Zuidland as part of the theory to later turn it into the basis for a real state. I know that there are legal people involved in this and they have some ideas on the legality of the process forward. I’m sceptical though. I don’t believe that a state is attainable without an intense amount of bloodshed.

The topic is complex, and I have given much thought to the issue of an overt power struggle and racial war and what it might lead to or what opportunities it would offer. My own belief is that given the right situation, it could have real benefits compared to being locked into a state where every rule is rigged against you.

Several years ago, it was said that there are over 130 laws targeting whites only in SA. And, here the ANC is, losers, rampant liars and failures that they are; and still they throw and heap more of a load and blame on to the whites. The whites of SA are loyal taxpayers, they virtually NEVER STRIKE, and they bear the burdens.

Meanwhile the stupid communist Government is proud that it supports about 16 million people with Govt handouts – and what portion of those Government handouts come from the white taxpayer?

I have a number of thoughts of my own about the situation. I think that Dr Du Plessis is right that the time has come to renegotiate. I know my history and I am confident that such a thing is totally impossible without an actual war occurring. The Government is totally disingenuous, and it sees white success the way Mugabe saw white success: As a threat to them. Mugabe once said: The only good white man is a dead one.

Ultimately, there are clashes at so many levels. In this country I see only two forces: white and black. Despite our small numbers, I am convinced that the only challenge to black power is white power. All other power is of minor importance. E.g. Indians, Coloureds, etc.

I noted with great interest that the ONLY non-whites who voted for whites after 1994 were the coloured people. They voted for the National Party until they shut their doors, and then we lost them.

I think at one point the NP or the NNP controlled 20% of the votes of SA whereas whites now make up only 9% of the population.

In Rhodesia when we moved over to Zimbabwe there was a clause along the lines that the whites would control 20% of the parliament even though we were 4% of the population and falling. I think there was a deal that the constitution could not be changed for 7 years. This bought the whites a period of some sort of intermediate influence before losing all control totally.

The whites made a come-back by forming the MDC in 1995 with the blacks. If true democracy had existed in Zimbabwe then the MDC, which was friendly to whites and pro-Western would have ruled Zimbabwe more than ten years ago. But when your competition are radical black communists, then voting does not work the way Western theory says it will.

Whites continue to leave the country and I see that whites even apply for political asylum in other countries. Not many are successful, but they try, and some do seem to succeed.

White morale keeps going down and frustrations keep going up.

My own thinking is that whites need political process and power arrangement of their own.

I used to study the ANC intensely, but nowadays I ignore them. I have nothing but contempt for them. They do not have our interests at heart. I regard them as MY ENEMY.

When issues like farm murders and crime come up, the main goal of the ANC is to hide it and lie about it. They do not for example recognise farm murder as a valid issue even though farming organisations and professionals have investigated the matter deeply.

When President Trump said that he wanted answers on farm murders that caused intense delight among whites. Never before had a major Western leader even acknowledged our problems, even once. And I know that petitions were handed in to the US Embassy.

My own view is that whites need something special because democracy, is of no use at all to them as a tool because of our tiny population. Either we must break away, or we must find some mechanisms that can help us.

I, for example have ZERO TRUST in any discussions between our Government and any other government. We do not know what is said or what lies are told behind closed doors. I think some kind of white “shadow minister” should be present at any meeting between our Government and any western government to check that the correct facts are presented.

The ANC, along with the radical communists of the EFF can now change the constitution almost at will, I think. I have no respect for the weak spineless Liberals of the DA.

I wish there was some way that whites could veto certain legislation. That might also be a tool that could help us.

We are tired, and frustrated. Many have been driven out of their jobs including myself. Many are professionals whose skills have value, but we are NOT allowed to get jobs because of the colour of our skin.

We have no actual process whereby we, as a small group can represent our own interests.

I won’t say more, except that I think the stresses and tensions will rise. And for the whites there are no easy options. There is no country that will accept us en masse. If the USA were to open its doors to white South Africans, I’m sure huge numbers would pour in there. So we are stuck here with a government that does not represent us and we are always their football, being kicked around as they see fit, while they ignore their own lies, failures and shortcomings.

Whites regard with contempt, the ANC leaders, their statements and actions. Their incompetence is the source of bitter humour. I, myself, regard them with nothing but the utmost distrust and total contempt.

I do regard the ANC and EFF as a military threat. Not overtly, but I do see them as a danger, and I still think that the time will come when we will have to stand up for ourselves simply because there is no other mechanism.

I think that there is some kind of missing Human Right. That Human Right is to vote for leaders of your OWN KIND who represent you. They must then be empowered to negotiate on your behalf. We whites in SA do not have that sort of bargaining power, but we must develop it.

According to EU rules, the Boers, for example would be able to claim nation status. But of course in the real world the UN and USA and other will never allow it. A billionaire went to the UN in the 1990s trying to take this issue up with them. That was a flop.

I think increased tensions is the way forward. There are even blacks leaving South Africa now. I won’t say there will be war, but I think the days of endless white bending over for the ANC are over. This will be replaced by a quiet, simmering hatred that will grow worse.

The future is definitely downwards. I think that in the age of Ramaphosa we have finally entered our “Zimbabwe Phase”.

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