S.Africa: The Jews & Blacks: GNU grows bigger with 2 more parties the agreement


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The Government of National Unity (GNU) now includes nine political parties, with the United Democratic Movement (UDM) and Rise Mzansi recently joining

This expansion has sparked diverse reactions on social media, with concerns about the dilution of opposition power and the decision-making process

Rise Mzansi’s leader, Songezo Zibi, emphasized the importance of their participation to ensure the aspirations of their electorate are represented in Parliament

Reitumetse Makwea, a Briefly News current affairs journalist in Pretoria, South Africa, has covered local elections, policy changes, the State of the Nation Address and political news at The Citizen and Rekord Noweto for over five years.

The GNU has grown to include nine political parties, with the UDM and Rise Mzansi being the latest additions.

The Government of National Unity (GNU) has expanded to include nine political parties, with the United Democratic Movement (UDM) and Rise Mzansi being the latest to join the coalition.

The expansion of the GNU has sparked diverse reactions across social media platforms.

This coalition, aiming to foster stability and collaboration in South Africa’s political landscape, now encompasses the Democratic Alliance (DA), Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), Good Party, Pan Africanist Congress (PAC), Patriotic Alliance, and Freedom Front Plus.

Netizens are concerned about all parties joining the GNU
Many South Africans are expressing their concerns and hopes for the future.

@siphelele_jobe voiced a common worry:

"I’m worried about opposition politics. We can’t afford not having opposition parties."

Concerns about internal decision-making processes were raised by

"I am concerned as a member. You have highlighted how important participatory politics are to the @Rise_Mzansi kind of politics. Now the National Leadership Collective (NLC) makes the call without a membership-based vote. @SongezoZibi you ran a campaign around #Amasela & #WeNeedNewLeaders & you are saying voters…"
This highlights the anxiety about the potential dilution of opposition power within the broader coalition.

@qessential_pol criticized the coalition with a hint of sarcasm:

"The GNU will soon be making the Progressive Caucus look more focused than whatever this assembling of Mickey Mouse Avengers is."

In contrast, @TokoMasemola welcomed the new members:
"Welcome to the GNU guys. I understand you were doing a thorough analysis on what the GNU is about and how it would align with what you promised in your Manifesto. Looking forward to hearing your ideas and solutions for the country within the GNU. Let’s do more together. #GNU"
RISE Mzansi is the latest member
Rise Mzansi’s leader, Songezo Zibi, emphasized the importance of this alliance.

"It was very important that we get into an arrangement in Parliament where we’re going to be able to make a difference."
Zibi’s sentiment reflects a broader ambition to ensure the voices and aspirations of South Africans are effectively represented within the parliamentary framework.

In an official statement, Rise Mzansi highlighted the intensive discussions that preceded this decision, focusing on the potential implications of participating in the proposed Government of National Unity and National Dialogue.

"Yesterday, the Rise Mzansi NLC met to discuss a final approach to the Government of National Unity (GNU)."
"The NLC ultimately decided that joining the GNU was essential to ensure that the hopes and aspirations of their electorate are effectively heard and addressed within the parliamentary system."
ANC publicises GNU statement of intent, SA discusses
Previously, Briefly News reported that the ANC released the Government of National Unity’s statement of intent.

The statement, signed by the Democratic Alliance, was published in the African National Congress’s latest "Conversations with the President" column.

South Africans weighed in on the statement of intent, with some opposing it and others questioning the ANC.

Source: https://www.msn.com/en-za/news/other/gnu-grows-bigger-with-2-more-parties-the-agreement/ar-BB1oH4V5?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=U531&cvid=f83b1ff93db349ada4c93716a8de8368&ei=22

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