#BS#IMPORTANT: VERY NASTY: Jews tried to have Jan arrested in Court

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Video: WW2: Waffen SS: We Dreamed of something MARVELLOUS
If all Whites understood what Hitler was trying to do, ALL Whites, everywhere would all have become NAZIS! In this video we take a look at the Belgian Leon Degrelle who became a NAZI and later an officer in the Waffen SS.

#BS#I am just taking a bit of time to rest. I had a very nasty 3 days from Monday to Wednesday. Jews dragged me into court claiming I had violated a court order and they tried to have me arrested. My final hearing is next week. I have very thick piles of legal documents and more than 95% (closer to probably 98%) of the pages are from my website History Reviewed. The court order is preventing me from posting stuff on my website. So this is all I can tell you for now.

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National Vanguard
This is an excellent American White Racial Website and organisation. This comes from the work of the late Great Dr William Pierce

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