Whites and Blacks with Animals – Hitler and Animal Intelligence

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[This is something I wrote to one of my supporters. Jan]

The American mentioned that Blacks abuse animals:-

Your note about dogs being abused by blacks. Blacks are DREADFUL with animals. In Africa the way they treat animals will horrify you. The Blacks used to say that we Whites treat our dogs better than we treat Blacks! But Blacks are terrible with animals in general. And Whites have an almost universal love of animals, even dangerous ones. I suspect it is genetic and it is because we’ve worked with animals for thousands of years. I don’t think anyone treats animals as well as we do or have used animals as much as we have.

One thing about animals is that they don’t BETRAY YOU … like Blacks, Jews, etc do.

Hitler was well ahead of his time in knowing about animal intelligence and scientists have studied this a lot since WW2, and of course animals do have varying intelligence. Some are very clever.

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