S.Africa: Blacks got burned while stealing from a fuel pipeline! – 2 Severely burned suspects arrested for pipeline fuel theft

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Two suspects aged 28 and 39 were arrested by members of Fidelity Security during the night of Thursday, 21 January 2021 at Kendal near Phola.

The pair were arrested after Transnet control room detected a fuel pressure drop on the pipeline. Authorities responded to the identified spot and apprehended one suspect who attempted to run away. He had fresh burn marks all over his body. There was a big fire in the maize field nearby and upon inspection they realised that the flames is from the burning Transnet pipeline.

The Hawks’ Serious Organised Crime Investigation team and local police were summoned to the scene for further investigation. Following an intensive search a second suspect who was also badly burnt was apprehended after he was found hiding under a bridge.

Emergency services were summoned and the two suspects were transported to the Hospital under police guard. All the exhibits which included a white Mazda bakkie, generator and pieces of charred clothes were confiscated for further investigation.

The suspects are expected to appear before the Phola Magistrate’s Court on Monday 25 January 2021 to face charges of malicious damage to property, tampering with essential infrastructure and theft of fuel.

Source: https://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/mpumalanga/2-severely-burned-suspects-arrested-for-pipeline-fuel-theft/

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