IMPORTANT: Most US Dollars are NOT in America – Why the US Dollar lasts in Africa & the Third World

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I heard something really interesting recently when a White (Liberal) South African lady politician was talking. She is in the DA, which is basically the JEW-OWNED, JEW-CONTROLLED, Liberal/Globalist, Globo-homo, political party in SA.

She did say something that I found fascinating. I had suspected something like this but she gave the numbers. She said that she actually visited the FED when she was there on one of her trips. She said that two-thirds of all US Dollars are OUTSIDE THE USA!

Only one-third of US Dollars are INSIDE AMERICA.

Here in Africa for example, all Blacks everywhere, have no problem buying US Dollars.

So here’s the good news: What this means, as I see it, is that the Fed can print mountains of US Dollars, and because most of them go outside America, it means that the INFLATION is therefore spread OUTSIDE AMERICA!!! It means that they can print MORE US DOLLARS WITHOUT creating hyper-inflation inside America.

So that is something to keep in mind. It means that the US Dollar can last LONGER and that when it creates inflation, that the inflation will be spread outside America. However, in the Third world, like in Africa, the currencies here are so weak, that even an inflating US Dollar – is still MUCH STRONGER than the local currencies.

The US Dollar can therefore last a lot longer.

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