SA: Crime: 6 Armed home invaders tracked down, Allanridge

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[This could be blacks who invaded a white man's house. Jan]

Members of Allanridge SAPS managed to arrest six suspected house robbers in Allanridge on Tuesday, 5 January 2020, at about 22:00. The arrest was affected swiftly after the case was reported by a male complainant who reported that at about 21:00 a number of men armed with firearms with balaclavas robbed him and family members inside their home in Mazepa Street, Allanridge.

The attackers pointed the victim with firearms after their entry. He ran away to another room and he found other attackers in that room too. One pointed him with a firearm, hit him with it and he fell down whilst another one put a knife to his neck. His hands were tied with wire and he was taken took back to the lounge. Another seven people in the house were also tied with wire.

A sizeable amount of cash and cell phones were robbed along with two sets of vehicle keys.

Members of Allanridge SAPS Crime Prevention went out to search for the suspects immediately after interviewing the victim. They found a suspicious motor vehicle, a BMW along the R30 road on the bridge near Allanridge silo. There were two African males standing in front of the vehicle with bonnet opened. Members then requested back up so that they can approach that vehicle.

Members then approached the vehicle and searched it and the surroundings near the vehicle and found suspicious cooler bag containing wires. The suspect was then arrested immediately.

While busy on the scene, another suspicious vehicle, a white Ford Laser approached the bridge and it was stopped. It had five passengers who, during preliminary investigation, was discovered that they can also be linked to the house robbery in question. The five men were also arrested and the two motor vehicles seized. About eight cell phones found in their possession were also confiscated.

Six suspects aged 19 to 39 were charged for house robbery and will appear at Odendaalsrus Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, 7 January 2021.


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