Proof from Africa of Israel Jewish scum company rigging elections using computers

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[This is a note I sent to an American to show that Israel and Jews have been caught red-handed rigging an election in Africa. Jan]

This is for you and anyone else interested, because you’ll see the parallels to what’s happening to you folks.

Just a quick note. There are LOTS of stolen and rigged elections here in southern Africa where the (((Liberals))) gloat about "Democracy came to Africa". We know the details and there is a LOT I can tell you about stolen elections and how it was sometimes countered and even caught out … not that it changed the outcome.

But the best documented example of a totally stolen election was the 2013 election in Zimbabwe where the Communist President, Mugabe, was caught openly paying an Israeli company, Nikuv, which had offices in South Africa, to steal the election.

Interestingly, the British, for once, were the first to warn on the Internet that the entire election was to be stolen. Mugabe stole ALL HIS ELECTIONS. But the 2013 one had the most open, blatant evidence.

Mugabe outsourced his voters role to the Israeli company, Nikuv. Then he had a contract with them, where he paid them US$10 million to rig the election using computers.

He subsequently "won" the election. He used new found diamond fields to pay the Israeli Jewish scum for these services.

Here are just 3 basic links, but if anyone is interested there is a LOT written about this. This is the best openly documented election fraud using computers, carried out by Jews in an African country.

The best "caught out" election fraud was the 2008 election in Zimbabwe. The opposition, which had lots of white support, money and input, set up their own websites and they managed to negotiate a simple "tweak" to the election rules. The tweak, which was critical, was that at each electoral point, the votes would be hand counted and they would put up a list of the totals per party outside. What they did not know was that the whites and blacks had a website along with people who would photograph these totals.

So effectively, they could count and publish, online, their own election results. The end result was that they had a MASSIVE VARIANCE and MASSIVE PROOF of electoral fraud in 2008 AND they had all the numbers to prove it. The rigging was done by computer software, which the Govt ran, (Jew supplied?) which then modified the results into a Govt win, when in fact the opposition had a MASSIVE win! In the end, neither South Africa, nor anyone else of note supported these valid results and other weaknesses came in – thus preventing a fabulous chance to blatantly expose enormous electoral fraud, caught red-handed.

But this is just to show you that voter fraud, by computer, with Jewish collusion, is not a figment of anyone’s imagination.

Here are some links for you:

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