Jews know how to steal entire elections using computers: Israeli company Nikuv stole 2013 Zimbabwe election

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This is a very important lesson, and it may contain unique observations from my own analysis of these people. In here, you will also learn why Jews are masters of religion, and why that works for them. Christians do not stand a chance against Jews. Jews focus on winning, and Jews will outwit Christians and most whites with ease.

[This is a very brief note, but one of the most red-handed instances of Jews actually being caught stealing an entire election, and about which full details were published comes from the Israeli company, Nikuv which was located in South Africa. They were under contract to the black communists in Zimbabwe, to handle the "voter lists" but Mugabe, the president, paid them many millions of dollars, I think about US$8 million perhaps – to steal the entire election for him. It was done using computers. This has bearing on the stolen US election where the evidence is now coming out that it was stolen by computers who do the "flipping" on the fly. Here are a couple of news links about how the Israeli company Nikuv stole the 2013 election in Zimbabwe. The British even knew it was going to happen beforehand and exposed it. This is most likely, not the only time they stole elections. What makes this so useful is that this is probably the best documented incident which will show Americans how an election is rigged properly, in Africa using modern technology. And the Jews of course … are happy to comply for the right price. Jan]

Here are 2 links to look at (though there is a LOT more if you take the time to dig more):

BBC: Zimbabwe election: A guide to rigging allegations:

Mugabe’s victory: the Israeli connection:

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