Report that Blacks in South Africa are recruiting blacks to form an army to attack Whites – My Thoughts

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My comments follow below. One of my good friends in the right wing here sent me this note:

We have received information that white neighbourhoods are going to be targeted withing the next 6 weeks. Their aim? Simple. To rape torture and murder our people. As far as can be told it is NOT am ANC initiative but that of the EFF and BLF. They are currently in a recon position where they watch and monitor our houses and movements. Then the next stage is to attack during the night. Their first aim. Gauteng…A.K.A…the transvaal…Johannesburg…just as siener foresaw…my fellow Griffins…the time to make your final preparations…has come…as of now the Griffins is on level RED…no longer ORANGE. The General staff will have a meeting tomorrow night at 7 pm where final decisions will be made and final orders passed on to you from your officers. May God be with us all.

My Thoughts:
Griffins is one of many groups of whites here. There are LOTS of white groups preparing defences. This is therefore from that group. I don’t like it when they mention the Siener Van Rensburg prophecies, as I do not take that seriously.

My own thinking is that this is a false alarm. HOWEVER, my friend told me that they are trying to obtain BLACK RECRUITING FORMS, because they are convinced this is real. If anyone else has come across this info that the EFF (Julius Malema) and the BLF (Black Land First) are recruiting any blacks to form military units then I am interested in it.

In this case, it seems as if this Griffins group are taking this info as real and they believe an attack is likely in 6 weeks. I take this with a pinch of salt. I don’t know the origin of this message.

WHAT I AM VERY INTERESTED IN, IS ANY FIRM EVIDENCE THAT BLACKS ARE RECRUITING BLACKS FOR MILITARY MOVES ON US. If any evidence exists that blacks are recruiting blacks to attack whites then I’m interested in this. I have spread this among my friends. However, my suspicion is that this might well not be true.

I do not believe we will be attacked in 6 weeks time. This sounds like the kind of false alarm that the Suidlanders are so well known for. Of course a question is: WHERE DOES THIS COME FROM? Who is coming up with this?

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