Photo: White Children do EXCELLENT in School! – Matric Results: Northcliff High school matriculant excited about the future


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[The White kids rock in schools here in South Africa. They just leave everyone in the dust. It’s been like this for years. Here’s a story about a White Afrikaans girl who did well in this part of Johannesburg where I live. There are *LOTS* of these stories of the White kids doing really great here in school. Jan]

Johannesburg – Skyla Kleynhans started Friday morning with tears of joy after getting the matric results she required to study towards her dream career.

“I was never the smartest but making good decisions for my future was always a strength that I had,” the 18-year-old told The Saturday Star this week.

“This year is a fresh start for me and my future and now I can start my studies at Varsity College in Sandton while also having a part-time job as a waitress to pay it off.”

And while Kleynhans is elated to have passed matric, she admitted that it was a challenging year.

“I definitely underestimated matric because I thought it would just be a repeat of Grade 11 but I was shown otherwise,” she explained.

“I had my ups and downs, and matric was a step into real life and I had to manage my time well.”

Despite the hurdles, Kleynhans said that matric was one of the best years of her schooling career.

“I knew that all of it would be my last, last sports day, last exams, last everything and I had to make it all count.”

She is pleased to have seen her hard work during her matric year pay off and is excited to see what the future holds.

“I just want to live the best life with all the closest people around me and supporting me while I continue to grow.”


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