Photo: S.Africa: Poaching & destroying Animals: Blacks kill Animals for Asian Aphrodisiacs – My Comments


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Here‘s a story from Britain. This is how the Whites are being enriched by Blacks from Africa.

[Animals in Africa are driven to the point of extinction by Blacks who make big money out of poaching and their customer base are the crazy Asians who believe that animal horns are good aphrodisiacs. This kind of stuff never occurred on this scale when Whites ran Africa. Animals were not hunted to extinction back then. There was more wildlife than ever before under White rule. Jan]

Rhino horns en route Malaysia - Smuggler remanded in custody. Photo: SAPSRhino horns en route Malaysia – Smuggler remanded in custody. Photo: SAPS

On 18 January 2021 the Kempton Park Regional Court remanded Kelvin Chigwede (36) in custody for a charge of illegal dealing in rhino horns.

In December last year, Hawks’ Serious Organised Crime in Germiston, Benoni SAPS and the South African National Parks (SANPARK) followed up on intelligence regarding a consignment declared as chicken food mixture packaged in a blue geyser at a warehouse in Kempton Park, containing rhino horns weighing about 72.4 kilograms.

It is alleged that the consignment was intercepted by authorities after being dropped off at a warehouse on the same day. During an investigation, it was discovered that it was destined for Malaysia.

On Saturday, 16 January 2021 further investigation led authorities to a residence in Benoni where a search warrant was executed. Upon searching the premises, authorities found approximately a million rand in cash and it was seized for investigation purposes since it is suspected to be the proceeds of illegal dealings.

Chigwede was arrested immediately and charged for illegal dealing in rhino horns and contravention of the National Environmental Biodiversity Act (NEMBA).

The case was postponed to 26 January 2021 for a formal bail application.


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