Photo: S.Africa: Crime: White Woman woman (53) goes missing in Parys

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[Sad. She's probably been killed. Jan]

Bellville woman (53) goes missing in Parys. Photo: SAPSBellville woman (53) goes missing in Parys. Photo: SAPS

The police in Parys are seeking assistance in finding missing Rita Hawkins (53). Ms Hawkins is from Bellville and was visiting her aunt in Parys.

She was last seen on Wednesday, 30 December 2020 at about 10:50 at the Corners of Grens and Bree Street in Parys running barefoot in the direction of the Vaal River. She is said to be mentally disabled. She was wearing a black shirt and black pants with white dots and no shoes.

Anyone who knows Ms Hawkins’s whereabouts should please contact the Station Commander


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