Did Europeans create *ALL* the Civilisations that ever existed?


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This will be brief. I was having a discussion with an American who is very sharp and the two of us see eye to eye on a lot of stuff. He raised the question as to whether I would agree that Whites created *ALL* the Civilisations that ever existed.

I told him that my Boer NAZI Pal, the Scientific Method lecturer, Fanie, also said exactly the same thing, and I’ve been thinking along these lines for a long time myself, and have been digging into this, even though I’ve not done formal videos on this.

But I definitely agree. I think that regardless of which continent and time a civilisation was created, that Whites were very likely there doing it. And this includes North and South America.

There is a lot of evidence that Whites have been almost everywhere even in ancient times.

Now you may think this is impossible. But during the time that we have lived, there were multiple ice ages which reduced the sea levels and made it possible to walk in areas that are now seabed.

BUT, the real clincher is that scientists have concluded that people were making boats as long ago as 40,000 years ago. I am totally convinced that Whites from France reached North America 20,000 years ago. Between that, plus how the Ice Ages changed things, including creating frozen oceans and lowering sea levels, it was possible to move long distances in the past.

Also, something that nobody thinks about now, but which I have noticed, is that due to the extremely LOW POPULATION DENSITY thousands of years ago, travel was actually easier. This can be seen in many historical examples. When few humans were around it was actually easier for people to just keep on moving endlessly. Probably because they would only be dealing with animals. But you can see some amazing things even from more recent history like the campaigns of Alexander the Great of Macedonia. What Alexander did, no modern army could do today. And the big difference is population density.

I think that we probably created all civilisation AND we probably increased the IQ of lots of other races through interbreeding. If you ever want to know what the European race "gave to the world", it would be that.

Though I think that is an error and we should not be doing those things. We need to save ourselves.

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