Over 700 million Blacks from Sub-Saharan Africa want to flee to EU & USA!

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Video: 2nd Anglo-Boer War: The British Atrocities against the Boers
The 2nd Anglo Boer war is probably the only war where WHITE CHILDREN were the main victims by far! In this video we take a look at the dirty war that the British Army engaged in, in order to crush a tiny army of Dutch-German Farmers (the Boers) here in Africa. We look at photographs and information from that time. We also look at the role of the British Rothschilds and Jews in this war.

[I’ve mentioned before how the blacks followed us whites down through Africa thanks to the Jewish-communist Liberation wars. Someone on Twitter posted this news item. This does not surprise me. You’ll find that the whites want to stay. We’re a blood and soil people and we will fix up the place we live in. But these blacks are running! They can’t handle their own hell that they created. But this is what they wanted!! They wanted responsibilities! Now they have them … and now they can’t handle it. Yet another empty victory for Jewish-Communism. Jan]

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