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I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finally added in an Audio feature. The first person who asked for this about 20 months ago was Tan Staafl of the Age of Treason. He was of course right in requesting this important feature. My problem was that I was sitting with well over 200 videos that I had made for Youtube.

On Youtube people end up making videos even when the basic content is audio only, simply because the only way to play it is via the video viewer. And I too did a lot of that. So I took auto only content and made it into videos even when strictly speaking video content was not needed.

There are times however when still photos add a lot of value and can fit in well with video. But there are many times when you don’t need any kind of visual content.

My initial issue was to keep my videos online and keep them being viewed, and for that, the video format was critical to me. I did not want to lose all those videos that I had put so much work into.

I knew in the back of my head I needed to get back to audio though, because I had several people come to me to request it. The audio (mp3) is smaller, its easier to download and people can then listen to it in their cars. I was well aware of this.

So I’m glad to announce that on my websites, as of today, I’m going to be introducing audio only or audio and video content.

Here’s how it will work:-
o From now on, if I do interviews or do things that have no visual content, then I’ll make it audio only.
o ALL VIDEOS that I do produce will ALSO have an audio only file.
o ALL older videos will be converted one by one, when I repost them, so that ALL VIDEOS ALSO NOW HAVE AUDIO FILES ASSOCIATED WITH THEM!
o The title will state clearly, “Audio” or “Video & Audio”.
o I will phase out Video only – since the audio is always valuable.

The audio will appear below the video. Like the video, the audio will also have a download link.

NB: I always have download links for all my content so that people can save them away and spread them their own way or upload them somewhere else. This is also critical in the event that the Jews and other scum come and take down my website or I am unable to run my website. In that way, all my important content will be in your hands and can be used in the future even if I’m not around, and even if Alex is not around. THESE THINGS ARE DISTINCT POSSIBILITIES SO SAVE EVERYTHING AND SPREAD IT YOUR WAY AND KEEP COPIES. You never know what may happen to us.

Making videos is tedious. It requires a LOT more work. It takes up more disk space. It puts a bigger load on my server, etc.

So I will be switching to much more audio content myself. This means I can upload it faster. It means its less work, etc.

NB: I did many tests on the audio. I decided to settle for a certain “quality level” which is the smallest the files can go without you hearing a “tin” type of sound in them. Its a good compromise. I could make very, very small audios but they have a “tin” sound to them. They might have a use on phones. But I thought that quality might be the better way to go because phones are getting ever more powerful and in a few years time, or perhaps now even, the gain in storage space is not worth the unpleasant sound.

This also finally opens it up so that I can grab entire audio books and put them online.

Originally I had wanted to put Alex Linder’s entire Learning College online on Youtube. I had begun with it. But it was too tedious turning everything into a video. So I can now do this much more easily.

I hope you enjoy these changes and I hope that many of you will now find it easier to get a chance to listen to material from my websites.


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2005: Black Failure: S.Africa: Half of SA pupils do not reach matric
Under Black rule: About half of all South African children drop out of school before they reach Grade 12. The vast majority of these are Black kids.

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